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Vacation over

Well, that was fun. I have one more day off, but then its back to work. Man, this has been fantastic. I read just about 3 books (maybe 2.5) in the last week. I finished up the A Discovery of Witches original trilogy. I'm working on Time's Convert now, which is a nice addition to the series.

Honestly, one of the BEST adult vampire series. And it feels VERY adult without being vulgar. Some adult stuff is just a lot of 'f-bombs' and explicit sex. Now, don't get me wrong. I am all for curse words and sex scenes, but sometime it feels like shock for the sake of shock. It was nice to see an adult series that focused on adult themes and romance without being super explicit and all.

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed A Discovery of Witches. Its rich in worldbuilding, nicely slow burning romance, and the second book is a historian's dream. I just love it.

I finished my worldbuilding for my own novel and now I'm stalled. I think I have a serious issue with planning as opposed to pantsing. I mean, why can't I just plot everything out like a normal person. Why do I get all irritated by it?

In any event, I'm going to just start drafting as I draw up a plan to have Dark Ember edited. I am pretty sure I'm just going to start the self-publishing journey. Its been a long time coming. I'm thinking that I'll use several websites and also add my novels to my own site for purchase. There's a lot to go into this, so I'll have to do some research.

Have some more errands to run today. Maybe I'll even take a nap on this final vacay day.

Oh, yeah.


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