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Snow Day

Welp, the part of North Texas I live in has closed down for the next couple of days due to the arctic storm barreling down on us. Since I lived through Snowmaggedon 2021, I'm totally fine with this. I don't really want to end up with rolling blackouts and the deaths of Texans yet again, so my prayers are with everyone during this storm.

That being said, I do have time to read and write. Whaaaat? On a Thursday?! I'm so stoked. I managed to get up before 5am (sleeping in a little for the happy) and I'm currently working on my third novel.

So, yeah, about that third novel.

I've put my next angel/demon book on hold because a plot bunny attacked me so hard I couldn't let it go. I've always wanted to write a vampire story that flips some of the tropes around, so that's what I'm doing. Its a paranormal romance with some threats of a faction war, mating bonds, and racial divide, oh my! I may go ahead and post the opening scene here later on, just for the fun of it.

I am, by definition, a Pantser. I do like plotting and world-building, but I find that I write better with the idea, some vague notes, and just go for it. I can fix plot holes, world-building issues, and any deus ex machina when I have to. I prefer to let the story lead me, to let the characters tell me the story. As my bestie and I used to say quite frequently, "They're in control, I just do the typing."

So, my untitled vampire book is next on the docket. My work-bestie has been reading it as I write which is so helpful for encouraging me to get on with it.

I've had a pretty good January, root canal aside. Productively, I've done quite a bit. Right now, as I write chapter two of Untitled, I'm listening to the Lothlorien music & ambiance because it engages my brain just so much. I've had two rejections for Dark Ember, with a few still out there in the ether.

I have coffee. I can hear the freezing rain tapping on the glass of my window with my family still snuggled cozily in their beds. This is when I am the most creative, when the things my busy brain has mulled over in the last few hours (usually while at work) can come to rest more fully at the keyboard.

So, back to work. I hope everyone stays warm, safe and dry today.



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