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Lets try something new

Yeah, ok I'm a pantser by nature. Drives my bestie freaking nuts. I always get bored, lose the threads of what I'm doing, etc.

I have tried outlining before. I usually watch the outline become a waste of time because my characters do whatever they want. I've had some awesome things come out of allowing my babies to run free, but that's not the point.

Right now, I'm taking a class from AutoCrit, which is SO much fun. Its all about writing better fantasy and the instructor is amazing. In fact, after I'm done with this post, I'm going to go do the next chapter cause FUN!

Anyway, I've decided to go ahead with my next dragon novel. Why not? Sarah J Maas does Fae, she's got her thing. I guess dragons will be MY thing.

I'm going to give myself til I go on my staycation to do some major outlining and worldbuilding. Make my notes, know what my plan is but leave room for my characters to drag me around as they always do.

I have had people ask "Why do you take classes if you've been writing since 5th grade?" This is why. I always learn something new. Its also so refreshing to be around people who get it, get what you're doing and why you're doing it. I love to hear how people write, especially those that are not global bestsellers. I've read some amazing work, especially in the fanfiction area, that makes published work look like garbage.

Writers never stop learning, or you shouldn't anyway. I have read 7 books this year, yes since January. 7. That's not too shabby. It keeps me wanting to write, gets my imagination fired and I swear my prose is better when I've been reading.

So, I'm definitely feeling better. Sent more queries for Dark Ember last week. Got the new A Dark Attachment episode in the works. Now, gonna go watch the videos and do the exercises for my class because I think its super fun!

Have a great day, all!


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