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In the trenches

You know, when I started querying my first novel oh, so long ago, I was naïve and hopeful. I thought, this book is so good, surely someone will snap it up with a quickness. I remember being absolutely gutted when those first few rejections came along. Most of them were form letters, One came back within 2 hours of my sending in the query. It was my dream agent, too, so that one hurt.

I stopped querying that novel a while ago. I chose to focus on my second novel, hoping this one would be the one. Its the better book, the better storyline, took me less than half the time to get it written. Surely, surely, this one would get picked up quickly.

Alas, it has not. Its been over a year now, and though I have received several rejections that appeared to not be form letters, still no bites. I've redone the letter, revamped a few things, even tried to increase my social media presence.

Several people have encouraged me to self-publish and it does seem more and more attractive as the months roll into years. I can't seem to let go of wanting the traditional publishing contract. I don't even want a massive six-figure deal. I just want my book out there.

I know the stories of people querying for years and finally getting it sold, so I am hoping I will be one of those. This morning, I am looking at indie publishers that accept unsolicited/unagented manuscripts. I mean, why not? I've had plenty of nos over the last few years, what can a few more hurt?

This part of the writing process is not easy. Its exhausting and heartbreaking. To spend so much time writing the story, to have so many people not even want to read it is disheartening.

To anyone else in the trenches with me, good luck and know I'm rooting for you, too!


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