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The home stretch

Well, I managed to get another 2100 words done last night, which isn't bad considering I have a full time job, a young family, and a home to care for. I'm actually very proud of what I've accomplished over the last couple of weeks.

Last night, I managed to get a main character's fate revealed, and I got the wedding underway. I went back and forth on the wedding. Would it slow the pace? Does it need to show some closure for the couple? I ended up deciding to keep it, just making the scene relatively short. We had the basics, we know the wedding is for an alliance leading up to this war, so I think its necessary.

It was a hard scene to write, mainly because I had to blend 3 damn cultures into one short wedding. I think I pulled it off, though. If not, "I'll fix it in post".

I closed in on 106, 000 words last night. This thing is not getting any dang shorter. I'm focusing on just finishing now. I'll deal with the length in the editing phase.

Definitely going to need beta readers soonish.

I've got to get the armies lined up, the battle fought and the heroes on their merry way. Maybe another 10,000 words, 12 max. Not too bad, in my opinion.

I'm rather enjoying this part, even if its making me stretch as a writer. Maybe that's why I''m enjoying it.

I also cannot wait to start the next book. I can't take a break because getting out of my routine always backfires on me. So, I'm either going to work on my paranormal fantasy or the other angel/demon book where demons have inherited the earth. I need a more cohesive plot for that one, though.

All in all, I'm back on track which feels awesome. Its still taken me less than a year to write this second book. Compared to the seven it took me for Guardian...I'll take it. Maybe I can get the next book down in 6 months. Here's hoping.

Have a super weekend, everyone!


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