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I've made a mistake

I started watching Cursed on Netflix.

I love Arthurian legend, like a lot. I've read a LOT of books on Arthur and his Round Table. I've read books on Morgana/Morgaine. I really love the legend, its the basis for a lot of current legends and other mythos.

Cursed is very interesting, but I had to turn my Arthurian brain off. That's ok, I do the same with Harry Potter movies, LotR, and Shadowhunters. Once I turned that analytical side off, I had a good time. I'm four episodes in, so I've got some more to go.

My mistake was thinking I wouldn't have a plot bunny jump on me the second I started watching that show. Now, I've got a Fey woman around here pestering me to write her post-apocalyptic, coming of age, urban fantasy tale I do NOT have time for. This might even be YA. I don't write YA.

Then again, I don't stay in my lane. Granted, I write urban fantasy and I don't see that changing. I like my cell phones and swords, thank you very much. But I don't only write about angels or vampires or anything. I jump from subgenre to subgenre. Maybe that's why I don't get bored. Now I've got a Fey female named Aine running around over here, making a nuisance of herself.

I didn't write yesterday. I fought with one HELL of a migraine, I don't get them often, but when I do, they knock me out. With no one to pitch in at work, I just had to deal. That wasn't great. If I had gone back to bed and slept the day away, I would have been better. For now, I'm dealing with the pain echoes, but I'm dealing.

I AM going to finish Dark Ember this August. I meant to finish it 5 months ago and as much as I'd like to blame me blowing that deadline on COVID, I can't really. I will finish this month, though, and then start something else.

What that something else will be? Who the hell knows?

Have a great day,


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