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Don't know what to do with myself

Its so odd not having an active manuscript to work on. I don't have something poking me in the back every two or three minutes, bugging me even when I'm actively doing something else. I mean, I have worldbuilding to do and a few shorts I need to complete for the Patreon account, but there's no pressure.

I do not do well without pressure. No, seriously. I'm one of those people. Give me a deadline and I'll wait til its due in 3 hours and swear the whole time. I thrive on the pressure, even when it gives me anxiety. I don't why I am this way, only that I am.

Still, I have a list. #pitmad is on Thursday and I'm thinking I'll send Dark Ember into the ether. Of course, that means I have to do a synopsis and a query and a decent tweet. Ugh, the work. I hate this part, Trying to sum up a 150k word book in a few sentences, a few paragraphs, or a single page is frustrating.

My new book will be firmly in the genre of high fantasy, though not too formal. Thinking more along the lines of Sarah J Maas' style, which is one of my favorites.

I'm reading again. I read 500 pages in a single evening last Friday. Blew through a book I'd been waiting for SO LONG...totally worth it. Giving it a second read to appreciate it a bit more.

Going to get some work done on shorts today. I need a printer, which isn't possible in the camper. Maybe I'll hit a Staples or something this weekend, see what damage I can do.

Until tomorrow, my friends. Happy writing!


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