• C.A. Lightfoot

Dark Ember Excerpt

From Chapter Three:

As he stepped over the threshold, Rex shivered. He felt an odd chill, a sort of tingle all over his body as he stepped into the new corridor.

“It’s the barrier.” Swift explained as Jonas came through, swiping at his arms as though to wipe away something icky. “We’re untraceable now.”

Rex looked around, finding his eyes were still linked to Ember’s. He could see minute details in the dim light, the blur of what felt like heat signatures at the other end of the corridor. It smelled of cooking meat and some kind of sweet, rotten fragrance. Rex swallowed thickly.

“Where the hell are we?” Rex asked as Swift turned to walk down the corridor.

She sighed, glancing down at the console in her hand one more time before she stuffed it into the small back over her shoulder.

“This is the Dallas Dead Zone.” Swift answered. “The way the world’s energy lines up here makes it impossible to detect magic. Its still illegal, but they can’t prove anyone is using magic in here.”

“So, it’s a safe zone?”

Swift shook her head at Jonas’ question. “No. The Seven, which is what we call the ruling council of Earth magic, just assumes anyone in here has done magic. You’re automatically guilty if you step out of this place.”

“Oh.” Jonas grunted. “Awesome.”

Rex followed the bounty hunter, swallowing thickly. “You’re in trouble, aren’t you? If you come out of here…”

“Yes.” Swift answered with a nod. “I can’t come back to Earth for a while.”

“Swift, I’m sorry.” Rex said in a rush, hating that he’d caused her harm.

“No.” Swift turned to him, continued walking. “No, it’s ok. If you really have a firedrake in your head, you can’t rot away in a human prison. Not that I think a human prison could even hold you.”

From how Ember snorted inside of his mind, Rex was inclined to agree with Swift.

“So, what’s the plan?” Jonas called from behind them.

“We see what Whitworth will charge for a portal. We go through it.”

“And then?” Rex questioned.

“We’ll figure that out once we hit Peralt, my friend.”


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