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Check In

Three days in to my new goal setting and I've ben killing it so far.

Well, aside from the ankle I sprained on Sunday afternoon...but that's neither here nor there.

I've written a little over 1k words this week and whilst writing this ending that is worse than pulling teeth without Novocain, even got a nice plot surprise from my unruly characters. I project I will have Dark Ember finished (first draft) by the end of the month. That means, I can start looking for developmental and line editors. Ex-cite-ing.

I feel pretty great, all things considered. I thought being up at 4am would make me more tired or crabby, but I've had the opposite experience. I feel...fulfilled.

I had the same feeling a few years ago when I stopped getting up 30 minutes before work and joined the 5am writer's club. I suppose I feel as though my creative side has been sated. When that creative energy has been expended in a good way, everything else falls into place. My writer side is calm, so the rest of me can concentrate on the rest of my life.

It feels amazing.

Dark Ember has taken a life of its own several times. I'm sad I didn't finish it in 2020 as I planned, but taking only 14 months to finish a novel isn't half bad...especially when the preceding novel took 7 damn years.

My dilemma is deciding which book I will send to editors first. Do I send off my baby, the Guardian Angel book that I've had in me for almost 9 years? Or Dark Ember, which feels as though it will be more acceptable to a larger audience? Which do I self-publish and which do I continue trying to send to agents?

Most of the feedback I got from Guardian's first 2 rounds of agent seeking was positive. I got a lot of "You have talent, but I'm not into this genre" or "The genre is a hard sell". It sucks, but does that mean it might do better in the self-pub market, where I know a lot of niche fiction, especially urban fantasy, thrives?

Decisions, decisions.

For now, I'm going to sip my coffee, take my meds, and see if I can add more to this monster word count.

Have a creative day!


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