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April Showers

Spring is always a super hard time for me. Not only is the school year wrapping up, leaving me with a thousand things to do for work and my children, but its softball season, storms come roaring through, and my allergies like to act up.

So, I've been off the grid for a while.

Not only that, I've hit another writing wall. I know its partially from the rejections on Dark Ember. I've been late on my web serial update, I completely stalled out. I'm working on the update now, but man. I've been having a rough time.

As someone who suffers from chronic pain, its difficult to get out of these funks once they hit. Typically, at least for me, the increase in pain comes with a loss of energy and inability to concentrate. It becomes very hard to me to sit down and write. I'm trying very hard to shake it off, but thems the breaks. Anyone with chronic pain can tell you that sometimes, just being alive is hard. Every day in pain that you keep breathing can be counted as a damn win.

Losing my passion, though, that hurts as well. I AM working, its just slow going. I know I need to get the lead out but, ugh.

Working on my novels and my website is one thing that I really love to do. I really enjoy writing. I do not enjoy querying. Good Lord. Lets put ourselves out there for rejection and get kicked down every couple of days. YAY.

Anyway, I'm working my way out of this funk. I have started the next book in my little book club, From Blood and Ash. Interesting, but this is a new author for me so, the struggle is real. I'll get through it, my last book hangover was real though.

I'm hoping to update A Dark Attachment on Monday. Its coming, its just taking me longer than usual.

I'm going to go work right now, in fact. Hope everyone has a great day!


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