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C.A. Lightfoot

Writer of Paranormal Fiction & Urban Fantasy

Welcome to my little corner of the web.
I am a writer based in the Dallas area and currently working on a number of projects. Check out the blog for my latest updates. You can visit the Works Pages to see the latest on my novels. Short stories and the web serial: A Dark Attachment are available to read for free! If you want the latest on my work, please subscribe below.


First loves...

We all have something that started us on the path toward becoming a writer. For me, it was books like White Fang and Sweetgrass that...

A Dark Attachment

The new episode will be up on Friday! Updates will now be uploaded on Fridays, going live at 12:00pm. Thank you for your patience and...

Web Serial: Episode Five

A Dark Attachment Rating: 16+ Summary: Duncan and Memphis learn a little more about the Bishop, Texas case. Marisol seeks her husband's...

Web Serial: Episode Four

A Dark Attachment Rating: 16+ Warnings: Some violence Genre: Paranormal fantasy, magical realism Summary: Memphis and Tony learn more...

Web Serial: Episode Three

A Dark Attachment Rating: 16+ Genre: Paranormal fiction, Magical Realism Warnings: Some non-consensual sexual contact (not much and NOT...


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